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Asking the “write” questions

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What do you want to be doing differently in three months? How will you get there? How will you know you have reached your goal?

As a Wellness Coach, I ask my clients many questions designed to help them narrow down the focus of their goals. I want them to find the motivation they need by believing they will see themselves accomplish their goal.

Embarking on a path to change can be exciting as well as overwhelming. When your goals feel more like dreams that you cannot catch and hold onto, try taking a step back and ask yourself, “Why is now the right time to make a change?” This answer becomes the foundation for a future vision of you and fuels your motivation.

Exploring these ideas is hard work and the journey can be quite insightful. That’s why I recommend keeping a journal where you can express yourself freely, play with new ideas and leave behind past anxiety or frustrations; whether pen to paper or an electronic format, your journal is your confidant and an unconditional listener. This tool is particularly helpful for those who consider themselves to be “emotional eaters”.

Can you see yourself writing in your journal? Maybe at first you are just recording your calories in and calories out. Then you start seeing patterns and setting goals. Then you examine roadblocks. One day, instead of eating a sleeve of crackers, you write out an angry letter to someone who hurt you. You write letters to yourself: past, present and future. You make notes before each meal about how hungry you are and your mood. Then ask yourself, “Am I hungry for this food right now?” You say exactly what you want and need to say in the moment.

A few minutes ago I went through my private journal and found a list I brainstormed in April 2010. I like making lists! I had asked myself, “What do I imagine I need or want now that will shape the person I want to become in the future? What is worthy of my energy and focus?” Here is what I wrote:

I want to move with ease and grace

I want to be a good friend

I want to be respected

I want to be generous and sincere

I want to be playful

I want to be independent

I want to be unique

I want to have a unique and distinct style of dress

I want to feel jazzy and sassy

I want to smell fresh air

I want to be smart

I want to be a source of nutritional info

I want to be a great coach

I want to be growing in my profession

I want to be a better cook

I want to learn how to make exotic dishes

I want to be intuitive

I want to know what I like

I need to find the music I like

I want to get up early in the morning

I want to read lots of books in a space I love

I want to be a creative and skilled gardener

I want to buy local

I want to minimize clutter

I want to throw away stuff I don’t need

I want to reshape my body with yoga

I want to be interesting

I want to wander in NYC

I want to breathe deeply often

I want to be mindful

I want to be in the present moment

I want to love myself and care for myself

I want to live

I want to be desirable.

I want to be someone other want to be around

I want others to depend on me

I want to be trusted

I want to be a confident

I want to surround myself with what makes me light up and shine.

I completely forgot about this list and it was important to find it for two reasons. I have been doing some of these things over the past few years. Being able to see that I put this intention into play is terrific feedback for me. And finding it means I can share with you one of my favorite journal entry formats.

Consider keeping a journal/diary, it is well worth the commitment and there is not right or wrong way to make entries. It is your creation with your voice and style. That’s powerful. Here is some more information about journal writing:



Guest Blogger Sheri Iodice is a registered dietitian and wellness coach for the online publisher EverydayHealth.com and its calorie counter tool, which emphasizes recording your calories for healthy living and weight loss success.




The bigger your plate, the bigger your waist.

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The bigger your plate, the bigger your waist.

Sumo wrestlers are trained to abstain from eating until lunch time, then eat large portions around lunch followed by long naps. It helps them gain weight as all the food is being stored as fat.

Sounds familiar?

It’s no wonder Americans look more like Sumo wrestlers these days…because we eat just like them! We wake up and go to work without eating breakfast, then go out to lunch and eat these huge plates of food restaurants serve these days, we’re talking thousands of calories!! And then we go back to work and sit behind our computers for hours!


Wipe you butt and eat your peas!! (wash your hands in between of course)

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As a mom of three girls and one boy I realize the importance of setting a good example to my children. I am far from perfect but I believe it’s my job as a parent to inspire them, not just tell them what to do.
We cannot preach, if we don’t live it.

Some things are taught, others are done just by living it. We teach them everything from sleeping through the night, brushing and flossing, wiping our butts properly, hand-washing, keeping rooms tidy, study habits, and most importantly health and fitness.
We should teach our kids exercise is a daily habit, not a weight-loss tool. Eat healthy food to nourish our mind and body not because we’re on a diet.

I had a client ask me to help her overweight and diabetic daughter, she told me she had tried everything and she was desperate. She invited me to her home for a “Kitchen Boot camp” and when I looked inside her refrigerator and pantry, I turned to her and said, “How do you expect to help her when YOU are the one buying the food and poisoning her?!”
There was packaged food, frozen meals, diet cola everywhere. And the only fruit came in juice boxes!

You can’t expect your children to have healthy sleeping habits if you sleep with your t.v. on all night.
You can’t expect them to have good oral hygiene if brushing your teeth is only for special occasions. They may obey you for a while but eventually children become teenagers and as you may know, teenagers have a way of pointing out our own faults.

I had another mom ask me to help her daughter who was having body dysmorphia issues. I asked her if she herself had any, “OMG YES!! Look at me!! I’m fat and I’m covered in cellulite!!!” I asked, “Do you say these things in front of her?”  Her response was, “Of course!! We all do!!”

When we look at ourselves in a mirror and point out our flaws in front of them, or weigh ourselves before we decide our mood for that day, our children pick up on these things and see themselves as a reflection of us. Our children see us as an extension of them. We may want to raise them to be individuals but ultimately it is up to us to walk the walk and pass on the tools to live an amazing life.


Community School Lunch Inspiration

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My kids are going back to school and this year I’ll have a 4th, 6th, 9th and 12th grader. One of the bigger stresses is pleasing them all in their school lunches and offering enough variety too.

People always ask me for whole food ideas so I figured this would be a great forum for everyone to pitch in their whole food lunch ideas!

Please comment below and share with our community.



No more muffin tops!

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Want Abs? No more white bread! There is a reason diabetics are not supposed to eat white bread. White flour has absolutely zero, zilch, nadda, and zip in the way of nutritional value. Got that? Nothing. However, it is converted by the body to sugar when it hits the blood stream, which means that you are just about as well off eating a cupcake as you are to eat a sandwich on white bread. It is nutritionally bankrupt and makes you fat, period.


Enjoy A Coffee Break With God

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The important thing to remember is that each day is YOUR day to be the BEST version of YOU. Do not allow yourself to be robbed of that…believe that you are worthy, amazing, and capable. You are strong and able to make healthy choices for your life…to be healthy and to Live Fabulous ~ Enjoy a quiet time moment this morning and just soak all that in!


Daily Motivation

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Let me begin things by introducing myself. My name is Sean Murray and I am natural bodybuilding competitor. Right now my life is non-stop. Every day I have to motivate myself to get the things I need to get done. I’ll give you a little taste of my life. Let’s go with a Monday since it seems to be the most dreaded day of the week. I’m up at 4 A.M. cooking breakfast and at Medway Nutrition by 5 A.M. to help instruct a boot camp run by Josette Puig. I forgot to mention I am currently 5 weeks out from my next competition and let me tell you it feels like every day I have less and less energy. After boot camps I have time to either workout or cook my meals for the day. Sometimes cooking the meals can take all morning and there are times where I can squeeze both in. Either way somehow I end up at the grocery store twice a day. I either forgot something (of course who doesn’t?) or I’m buying my fish. (I like to buy my fish the day I eat it). From there I have a part time job at UPS as a supervisor and I like to get there by 12:30 to prepare for the day. That job is a cardio workout in itself. I’m out by 5:45 or 6:00 and then I have to drive back home and of course there is a little bit of traffic on 495 by that time. Now one of two things has happened here regardless if I’m completely drained of energy. I’m both heading to the store to buy my fish and then heading back to the gym to do my cardio. On top of all this I still have to do wash the dishes or else what am I going to use the next day? That and when you live with another human being they really don’t appreciate the fact if you overload the sink with your dishes. I’m not even including all the little stressors of life and variables that always seem to make your day that much longer and harder. When possible I also try to read a little bit for my ACE certification exam so that I may obtain my personal trainer certificate. I’m nearly done and if I didn’t have everything else going on I would be done by now. I know what it’s like to just be wiped out and all you want to do is crash and not think for the rest of the night.

I LOVE THIS! As much as I may complain about the day or even every once in a while you get that voice in your head that says GIVE UP!!! Just give up! Quit now! Why keep doing this to yourself when it could all become easier. One thing I have learned in life is that nothing worth doing is easy. There is no other high in the world that I love than being to step out on stage. This may not be the same for you, but we have all experienced something that was difficult and when we achieved our accomplishment we were better people for it. Every single day I have to motivate myself to get through the day and to accomplish all the tasks that need to be done. I would never give up on something because that would be the easy thing to do and let’s face it; we regret the things we gave up on. People, friends, even family may get in your way but its okay to be selfish if it’s helping you become a healthier and better you.

I’m relatively new to this, so I am more than open to writing my opinions on a subject matter people are interested in.



Helpful Tip of the Day – Overcooking Pasta

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Helpful tip of the day:

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When you overcook pasta it becomes mushy and starchier! Pasta is made of complex carbs but the longer it cooks, it transforms into simple carbs, increases in glycemic index and raises your blood sugar! no bueno…

Taste to test…. Pasta should be ‘al dente’ – firm, yet tender, with a tiny core in the middle and remember pasta will continue to cook and absorb liquid so remove from the pot immediately!

Whole Wheat Pasta

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I Love ME Some ME. I can honestly say I have arrived at a place in my life where I am truly content with who I am.
I don’t stress about trying to please people or worry if they don’t like me. Gone are my body dysmorphia issues. Searching for that perfect number on the scale, hangups over a bloated tummy or a dimple, small breasts, big thighs….
I never thought my weight loss journey would also lead me to strengthen my spirit.

This doesn’t mean I’m done growing, on the contrary, I want to continue to push myself further, I am serious about my health and maintaining an excellent quality of life and all the benefits it brings to my body inside and out. I admit I also like what my healthy lifestyle does for my outer shell, I ain’t gonna lie, I LOVE IT!!!
My point is that I’m completely satisfied with me. I’m not looking to get thinner, leaner, or to be more muscular. I am truly happy with my appearance.
I embrace all my flaws, my scars, lines, wrinkles and even the ones that are yet to come.

I’ve seen too many women who seem to have it all but are still not happy. Even with big accomplishments, perfect bodies and living out their dreams, they still don’t experience self-acceptance. This makes me sad because I know they have deeper issues and as painful as it may seem, this is the time to put in the emotional work.
I’m a huge advocate of counseling, therapy and strong faith. I myself found strength I never imagined and self-acceptance I had always prayed for.

It’s important to get to the root of your unhappiness. I have been to that place and it isn’t easy. You have to be willing to dig deep.
This is more emotionally draining than the most grueling physical workout but in the end, it is when my true weight came off.
Remember, long after the physical pounds are shed….the emotional pounds are the ones that count!!

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