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Quick & Healthy Popcorn

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We all love the convenience of microwave popcorn but hate all the crap that goes in the bag!

Airpoppers are great but let’s face it, sometimes we want it quick without all the hassle of cleaning up the mess.

Here’s a quick, easy, cheaper and healthier version of making your own!!

All you need is :

1/4 cup popcorn kernels

brown paper lunch bag

Optional: melted butter, oil, salt, hot sauce



Pour kernels into bag and fold bag over 3-4 times.

Microwave for 3 min and 30 sec and listen as the kernels pop. Once they slow down to 3-4 seconds apart, take bag out of the microwave.

Pour popcorn into bowl and drizzle with your preferred fixin’s and serve!





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I grew up in a very hypochondriac home. The medicine cabinet was a complete pharmacy, pills, lozenges, liquids, suppositories, creams, there was something for EVERYTHING!
Funny cause my parents always claim to be healthy but then the next sentence I get the laundry list of aches, pains, pills, inhalers…etc.
One summer I came home to visit and I had a common cold, well after the third day of coughing my mom couldn’t take it an longer, she reached into the fridge where she kept a stash of gamma globulin, pulled out a syringe and injected me. No, my mom is not a nurse, she’s the daughter and sister of a doctor which makes her believe she’s good at giving injections. My bruise was visible and painful for weeks BUT I must admit, that shot did kick up my immune system. In fact, I didn’t get sick for 2 years and when I did it was morning sickness, so I guess that doesn’t count! ;)
I often wonder if I was switched at birth because I’m the complete opposite of my parents. I try to avoid medications at all costs. In fact, if and when I do get a headache, stomach ache, cold, allergy, etc..my instinct is to go to the source. Food. Water. Sleep. What caused this? Have I not had enough rest lately? Not enough water? What did I eat the past 24 hours? I usually find the answer when I’m honest with myself and dig into my food journal.
I’m not saying I don’t ever use medications but most are cover ups and I know the symptoms will persist if I don’t adjust my diet, water and sleep.

Now when I read a new client’s food journal and their list of ailments and medications, I can see why they’re experiencing these issues and I show them why they’re having them and HOW they can take control aside from their medications by making proper dietary changes.
Unfortunately too many people are fine with just popping pills and go on life as usual. Then a few months down the road other symptoms flare up, these are usually side effects from the first set of pills. So now in addition to their original pills, they take pills for the side effects of their first ones. I know, it’s hard to follow but hope you see where I’m going with this. Why not go to the source?
Education is necessary. Unfortunately, doctors aren’t even required to take a nutrition class. Only 1 class is required at 30% of medical schools in the United States. So now there’s 2 things I’d never allow a doctor do, give me an injection or give me nutrition advice. Sad but true.
Being bombarded by bogus diets with shakes, pills, sprinkles, points, packaged food and shots doesn’t help either.
Where’s the education in any of these?
The beauty of eating healthy, nutritious and all natural food is that not only will you feel great and take control of your health but you’ll look amazing too! Preventing illness, fueling your body and changing your body composition all at the same time.
No other diet can do this.
Remember, the human body is a science. Once you Learn it + Live it = LOVE IT

Remember, food can give you life, or suck the life out of you. The choice is yours.