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Clean Eating is a Lifestyle!

Learn how food affects you physically, mentally, emotionally & hormonally. Knowledge is power but if not applied what's the point!!

I was overweight but learned to nourish my body.
I was depressed but learned to nourish my emotions.
I was lost but learned to nourish my soul.

You Can Too - Get Josette

Follow me on my journey of inspiration: Let me teach you how the benefits of eating clean, a healthy lifestyle and proper exercise can make positive changes in your life!

Healthy Eating Tips: Know How Food Effects Your Body - Enjoy a Healthy Diet

Take Control of Your Health with Clean Eating:

So many gyms offer all sorts of amenities, equipment, treadmills, weight room, pool, sauna, fitness classes, etc. but not a peep about nutrition. In fact, some even give you bagels and pizza for free certain days of the week!
How many times did you start the year off with so much hope and discipline only to be calling it quits by February because the scale didn’t move? least not as quickly as you wished!
Think about it, the average person exercises an hour a day. Do you really think that this alone is going to change everything? Do you really think you can out train a bad diet?
Reality check: It's not the hour you spend in the gym that makes a difference, it’s the other 23 hours of the day that do! Your kitchen is your REAL gym. What you eat - When you eat. How much you eat dictate your health.

Healthy food allows your body to do what you want it to do. Build muscle, burn fat, lose weight, speed up metabolism, give you energy, enhance your sex drive and sleep more. Food dictates our mood, emotions and hormones. They nourish our body, mind and spirit.
Meanwhile, bad food choices lead to medical issues and complications. Pretty soon your night stand turns into a pharmacy because you're taking meds for the side effects of your original pills!
You have a choice; Food can give you life or suck the life out of you. Do yourself a favor and take control of your health. Get Josette!

Clean Eating Lifestyle