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Men's Health Tips

- Use a food scale and take the headache and math out of counting calories.

-Did you know by stepping in place during a TV commercial you can burn almost 150 calories.

- Cornell researchers found that having your meals portioned controlled can save you calories.

- Do not starve yourself to lose weight! Researchers at Albert Einstiein found that when mice are starved, release hunger-sensing neurons that break down fat in their own cells to generate energy. Unfortunately this can boost hunger signals.

- 36 hours is the amount of time the average american watched TV. Can you find something more product to do during this time?

- Did you know there are 1530 calories in Romano's Macaroni Grill's Mama's Trio. You would have to skate 3.5 hours to burn of this meal!

- Want to produce more testosterone: studies suggest you can produce 28% more testosterone by sleeping a little longer than you do. More testosterone increases more sex drive.

- Do you drink soda: Studies show you are almost 30% more likely to be obese drinking 1 can of soda per day - 47% with 2 cans.

- Did you know organic chicken contains 28% more brain boosting omega-3s than conventional chicken.

- Have you taken your Vitamin C today? Studies show you can burn 39% more fat during exercise with 500mg of Vitamin C daily.

- A German study reports drinking 17oz of water will help boost your metabolism by 30%

- If you enjoy doing squats -  tensing your abs duringworkouts you ccan help you achieve an increase in ad activity by 167%.

- Laughing can help you live longer: Frequent short bursts reduce your artery firmness which helps lessen the risk of heart problems.

- A British study found that people who pictured their previous meal ate a smaller snack than those that didn’t use the strategy.

- Flaxseed oil does the body good: Germany researchers state that by adding a tablespoon of flaxseed oil to your protein shake, yogurt, soup or salad can help keep your skin hydrated due to the essential fatty acids found in flaxseed oil.

- Burn an extra 120 calories per day: Stanford researchers found that people who halved their daily TV burned almost 120 calories per day. This could help you lose an extra 12 pounds in a year.

- Do the Swan dive and release tension in the shoulders instantly! Raise your arms upward, grab the top of the door frame and lean forward for a 30 count. Stress be gone.

- Save money – buy fresh local ingredients: Did you know that 19% of your food bill is for the actual food. Packaging, labor and marketing make up the rest of your bill.

- A new study found sleeping 8.5 hours a night = fat loss while sleeping only 5.5 hours a night = muscle loss.

- Danish researchers report that working out at ANY intensity for just 17 minutes a night fell 61% less stressed.

- Say yes to Pigs: almost 185 daily products such a shampoo and paint brushes contain pig parts.

- CLA a nutrient that reduces abdominal fat is found 2-3 times more in grass fed cows…MOOOOO

- You can always make money – You can never make more time!

- You’ll get the most from the best exercise routine in the world – which is the one you enjoy doing.

-  Know your body: One pound of muscle takes up 18% less space than one pound of fat.

- Olive oil contains natural anti-inflammatories that surpass the same pain pathways as Ibuprofen