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Menstrual Cycle and Exercise

Your Period and How It Affects Your Workout

Day 1-12you should aim for speedier cardio exercise. Fast and intense workoutsseem easier thanks to high estrogen levels.

Day 13-15Estrogen plummets and muscles get less oxygen causing your mind and motivation to slow down.

Day 16-28Long steady sessions are recommended. Estrogen begins to creep back but progesterone, which triggers the body to store fat and retain water in case of pregnancy is dominant. Go longer and steady pace to beat the bloat! ;-)

Here's the scoop on PMS:
The week before you get your menstrual cyclewhen you retain 5 lbs of water, feel tired, lethargic, sore breasts, feel fat and you just want to wear sweat pantsand give in to cravings, is actually the optimal time when the female body burns MOST fat!!!
YES!! You heard me right!!!! Your BODY burns MORE fat during this week!!!

This is the time you need to be more focused than ever and push through your workouts even harder!!! Do not sabotage this time with mindless indulgences. If you stay focused and disciplined you will be blown away by the huge strides you will see and feel within a few days of starting your cycle! ;)