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Ways to avoid unhealthy snacking

It is just normal for anyone to snack while driving a car, talking over phone, watching T.V or even while traveling in train or bus. And its not always that people tend to reach for healthy food like fruits, vegetables or salads. Craving has almost become synonymous to unhealthy eating. And remember craving need not always be about munching on junk food or reaching for fried food.
You can always turn your craving into an opportunity to savor something healthy. Just think of it as the nature’s way of offering you a chance to appreciate the natural food, wholesome food that is ready to load you with loads of vitamins and nutrients. And not only that the essential nutrients and vitamins that you are about to gain through these foods are absolutely healthy and does not have any side effects unlike the pills.
Ask yourself some of these questions
Practice doing some of these when you know you are about to reach for some unhealthy food. For example, let’s say you are planning to munch on fried potato chips to satisfy your craving
Is it the first time you are going to taste this snack? Obviously not! You must have had it right from your childhood and you certainly know how it tastes like.
Every time you had this snack, how did you exactly feel while placing the first chips on your mouth? Could recollect the taste? Definitely yes!
So how long would you plan to snack? Up till the last chips gets over? When you know there is nothing left over in the packet? Or you were disciplined enough to stop eating once you have had a couple of bites?
Asking these questions and analyzing the answers for yourselves will help you make the wise decision of not touching the packet again. Even if you do so, you will follow some amount if discipline to not overeat.
Train your mind to stop snacking
Also, try imagining a relishing the taste of the snacks in your mouth without actually touching them. Though, this trick may not satisfy your mouth, it does make your mind happy. This is all you want to stay away from junk food and unhealthy snacks. Food is all about mental satisfaction and a psychological feeling that you will be happy if you eat certain food.
So its all bout training your mind and not your mouth about avoiding unhealthy snacks. Once you have mastered this process, you are all set to say ‘NO’ to those fattening foods and empty calorie snacks.
Lock in your success
It is equally important to retain your success once you have accomplishes this successfully. Every single time you practice this, you are protecting your health from major diseases and complicated risks. Also tell this to yourself and to your friends about how you overcame your craving to eat snacks. Teach them too about acting smart when it comes to junk food. And if they do succeed, they would attribute their success and good health to your advice. Start doing this today!