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Brenda Before:                                                                         Happy 50th Birthday!!!                                                     Brenda After:

Before and After Clean Eating          

In my past, I was that "I never eat breakfast cuz Im not hungry in the morning" and coffee was all I needed. Well, I know Im getting older and now that just has to change. I just want to let you know.. I have tried your Healthy Apples & Cinnamon Oatmeal Breakfast Recipe... I LOVE IT! and Thank you. All these small, weekly changes are just what I needed to "TWEAK" my diet plan and my lifestyle. Keep doing what you do so well, and thanks again :).....Nina B. M.

I just wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration to me. I am 35 today and I have never felt better in my life! I feel strong and confident and I didn't think I could get that feeling back after I had my son.. When I walked in your class for the first time almost 4 years ago I felt completely at home, even though I couldn't do half of the routine. Thank you for showing me that beauty comes from the inside, dignity comes from holding your head high even when you think you can bear to hold on for one more second, and strength comes from standing by your convictions no matter how unpopular they may be. I wore a black dress for a meeting today and it's the smallest size I have ever worn and I ddn't deprive myself one bit to get into it! I hope I can still shake it 35 yrs from now at your Silver Sneakers Turbo! Love you!"                 Angela B.

"I was 44 years old and grabbed one of Josette's Flyers after a turbo class. She sounded different than the others. OMG!!!  That day changed my life FOREVER!!!! She has taught me so much!!!  Josette doesn't just tell you what to you should be doing, she explains the WHY behind everything. That was the part I was missing. My eating habits was what was keeping me from my goals. Just eating healthy isn't enough...."        Laura E, MA

"I have been doing Josette's program since Feb 2010! I started cooking clean for my entire family, I have lost over 25 pounds, my husband has lost a lot more! My husband used to wear 4XL! He now fits into XL or XXl! He has lost over 60 pounds! His blood pressure is normal no longer high! He is a much healthier person- we both are. The workouts with Josette are so motivating. I started slow with Zumba and strenght training then moved up to Kick Boxing and Spinning and more difficult strenght classes..."             Chris D, MA

"Girl, I LOVE your website and I can't wait till Sept for the new launch I want in on the membership! With your help I have managed to shed over 26lbs but again I am stuck and I know I can do better, feel better, look better. I want next July for my 40th to be in the best shape i have ever been. Keep me posted on your new launch. Love you Girl!! xo"      Maria M.

I'm lost on what to eat/when/how much/why to max my health, NRGY - Mike says "moodiness." (?!) My friend, Josette is launching GetJosette, teaching me (& u!) how to sort it out. She's my fav FB fitness & nutrition mentor, coach, cheerleader. She is a REAL person - no personal chef/nanny. Single mom to 4 kiddos. If you are curious what it'd be like to BU@UR BEST, "friend" my friend!                    Amy D.

"Good morning my friend,
I wanted to share a short story with you. For the past 6 months I have been eating much healthier and feel good (people pick on me with my spinach salads all the time but whatever) So last week my diet was not good at all I even went to the extreme on Friday and had clam chowder and onions rings on friday night. Now I am not sure if I got a bug that was going around or if it is my body reacting but I have been sick to my stomach all weekend long. Couldn’t even go to bathroom (lololo) bloated ridiculously. Havent been able to eat that much however all my body craved was fresh vegetables and clean food. OMG I am so thankful that I started this clean eating cause that’s were I am going back to. I am only starting to feel better today. Keep up your passion with helping women eating better.
Happy 4th of July!!!!
See you soon
love you and miss you!!!!"                   Suzanne

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Frumpy To Fabulous:
One Change a Week To a Healthier You!
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"I wanted to thank you for all your amazing words of wisdom! I have learned so much from all your posts, your amazing website, and your fabulous book! Thanks for being a REAL person, friend, and leader! You really are a hero to me. You are changing so many lives. While only in the first leg of my health and fitness journey (44 lbs in less than 90 days)!!! I have already been able to share the wisdom of clean eating and real living and look forward to learning and sharing more :-) thanks for helping me learn to live!!! You and Kimberley P. are two fabuloso chicas! ♥ya both for saving my life!"..........Katie M.

"I have to also credit you, your website and the truths in your book to the amazing success I have had in the past 90 days. I lost 44 lbs with clean eating. Kimberly P. reccomended your site as words to live by and she was 100% right! Thank you Jossette! Please feel free to share my progress photos with others. I am a Mom of 4 and was 255 lbs 90 days ago. I am so looking forward to the next 90 days. I have a pretty good handle on clean eating. Now to get exercise in line! Wooohooo! Looking forward to learning how to live again!"..........Katie M.

"This book was a gift from Kimberley P.  and it is a total life changer!! My fav quote so far is "if you eat crap you will look like crap and feel like crap! and thats NOT FABULOUS!!! LOL sooo true : )".

@LisaWHeun: BOOM! Goal achieved! 45 lbs LOST!!! Thank you @GetJosette I couldn't have done it wo your book, your posts & your inspiration!!

@LisaWHeun: DOWN 50 lbs!!!! Thank YOU @GetJosette You have been my inspiration & your daily tips have been instrumental to my journey!!

"Thanks Josette Puig! Your book is great. I went shopping today with your clean eating grocery list in hand! Knowing the right things to eat is huge. When I've been on others diets (none successful) my cart looked nothing like it did today. I am going to pay it forward and order 6 books for some friends : )"..........Amanda M.

"Hi Josette, I love love the book! I love that it goes step by step and gives choices of foods, but it's also quick to read and to refer back to! My friend I gave one of the books to said " this book was written for me"! So Bravo to you for doing an outstanding job writing this! xoxo:)"..........Christine D.

"Just to let you know, I love the book! My daughter took her iPad back, so I'm having to read it on my iPhone! Lol"..........Cristi M.

"You have helped bring my knowledge of nutrition to the phD level...its more than food its a lifestyle :-) its not a diet, not a fad..but rather something that we learn to love and embrace. I am so excited for these challengers to be able to have this wealth in their hands so that they too can learn how to make the changes to live a healthier happier life! xoxoxo LOVE YOU!!"..........Kimberley P.

"Got your book last night in the mail and read it cover to cover, it's great!!!! You are an inspiration!!"..........Michelle R.

"Hey Josette! Can't make it to the book signing but I was SO happy when I got my book today and it was signed already!! Absolutely LOVE it! I'll have to get more for my pals!! Keep being "YOU" and loving what you do!!" ♥..........Angela T.

"Read it. Love it!!! FABULOUS job on taking all the hype out and giving clear, informative steps that ANYONE can do!!! CONGRATS!!!"..........Jessica T.

"Awesome book! Words to live by for sure!"..........Katie

"I loved your book!!!! GREAT READ, I gave up the creamer for almond, coconut unsweetened milk, my ice coffee, is amazing I sweetened it with Agave or Truvia thank you! I have already lost five pounds you’re awesome!!! You’re going to be famous girl you are truly an inspiration to me I talk about you every day to friends and co workers and I tell them to Get Jossette, You are my FITNESS QUEEN you have truly changed my life and how I look at food, now I question everything I put in my mouth I read labels I live healthy life style. THANK YOU!"......Ruth D.R.

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the FABULOUS information and tips youve passed on through your posts and your book. I have been a type 1 diabetic for 20 years and after reading your book and doing my first change, switching to almond milk in my coffee, which I didnt like so I ended up drinking it black (loved it in my cereal though!) am blood sugars have been so much better! I cant even tell you how many nutritionalists and drs ive seen and not one mentioned the sugar in milk. Im skipping around in the book, Im now trying to drink more pretty sure ill be "committed" to this by Wednesday (my weekly change date) Just these little changes have already made such a huge change in my chaotic life, I have 3 young girls and want them to develop healthy habits and am always trying to be a positive role model..thank you for being that person for me! xo"......~ Julie B. G