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Getting Started with GetJosette

Avoid processed foods: Week - 4c

Why do we need to avoid processed foods - understanding the process - processed foods go through. W...

Grocery Shopping with Josette

Reading nutrition labels

How to look for hidden sugars Learn to read your nutrition labels.  Not all Cheerios are the same,...


Flavoring your water

Watch out for artificial sweeteners: Many of you have asked me about sweetening your water because y...


Excuse Buster #7

The best feeling in the world!

What to order when dining out

How to order a healthy pizza - Healthier Pizza

How to order healthy pizza and dining out: Healthier Pizza What?  Can’t I have pizza?  Of cours...


Clean Eating Protein Bars - GetJosette Bars

All you need is maple syrup, protein powder, granola, all natural peanut or almond butter and craisi...

Childrens meals

Help your kids eat healthy

Fun and easy tips to help your children make better choice: People ask me all the time if my childr...

Fitness Tips

Workout partner

Workout partners keep you accountable. Motivate and push you: Get a workout partner, this will not ...

LifeStyle Tips

Water Bottles

Buenos dias amigos!  I’m here to applaud so many of you who are now drinking a whole lot more wat...