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Getting Started with GetJosette

Week 4 wrap up! week - 4f

Week 4 wrap up. Get ready for the week 5 video series!

Grocery Shopping with Josette

Reading Nutrition Labels

Another reason why you need to learn how to read nutrition labels: Shopping in the health section c...



Hi good morning.  So we are still on week 1, and today we’re going to discuss the importance of w...


Excuse Buster #1

Excuse Buster #1:
How I make sure I'm ready for my morning workout!

What to order when dining out

How to order a healthy pizza - Healthier Pizza

How to order healthy pizza and dining out: Healthier Pizza What?  Can’t I have pizza?  Of cours...


Delicious & Nutritious recipes! 5 ingredients each!

7 different recipes with ground turkey made in 1 hr..

Childrens meals

Help your kids eat healthy

Fun and easy tips to help your children make better choice: People ask me all the time if my childr...

Fitness Tips

Arnold Shoulder Press

Proper Form & Technique Another shoulder press exercise that you can incorporate into your workouts...

LifeStyle Tips

Vitamin D Get it Naturally

Vitamin D is not a vitamin.  It is actually something our bodies produce when we expose our skin to...