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Getting Started with GetJosette

Prepare Leftovers: Week - 4d

Why you should prepare leftovers. Make you life easier. Preparing leftovers, so I hear it all the t...

Grocery Shopping with Josette

100 Calories

Here is the sad, hard truth about your favorite 100 calorie packets. Alright people reality check, ...


What is Quinoa?

The perfect grain & gluten free! Excellent combination of proteins & carbs! Many of you here me tal...


Keep yourself motivated

Motivation is a daily habit like showering and brushing your teeth. Motivation in a minute here guy...

What to order when dining out

Ordering coffee-Starbucks

It's not just a cup of coffee -Choose wisely!! Hey I enjoy my morning cup of Joe like everybody els...


Easy Option for Baked Sweet Potato chips

If you like it a lil' spicy...add a dash of Bayou Blast to these. OMG guys, these sweet potato frie...

Childrens meals

Help your kids eat healthy

Fun and easy tips to help your children make better choice: People ask me all the time if my childr...

Fitness Tips

Extra walk to the market

Motivation to get extra exercise into your day.

LifeStyle Tips

Vitamin D Get it Naturally

Vitamin D is not a vitamin.  It is actually something our bodies produce when we expose our skin to...