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Getting Started with GetJosette

Treat Meals - Week - 1c

Call it a "Treat Meal" not a "Cheat Meal"!! Hey good morning.  So we’re going to discuss somethi...

Grocery Shopping with Josette

Wheat Crackers Labels

Grocery shopping for whole wheat crackers. This is why you need to read your labels in the back of ...


No Excuse Monday - Eat Your Breakfast

Good morning guys, Josette here with no excuse Monday, okay first excuse buster for today, I don’t...


No Excuse!

Single mom of 4. Lost 40 lbs. Strong & sexy

What to order when dining out

Ordering coffee-Starbucks

It's not just a cup of coffee -Choose wisely!! Hey I enjoy my morning cup of Joe like everybody els...


Turket Stir Fry

Hi guys, this is a great idea and I love to do this and share it with you, it’s a turkey stir fry....

Childrens meals

Help your kids eat healthy

Fun and easy tips to help your children make better choice: People ask me all the time if my childr...

Fitness Tips

Workout partner

Workout partners keep you accountable. Motivate and push you: Get a workout partner, this will not ...

LifeStyle Tips

Vitamin D Get it Naturally

Vitamin D is not a vitamin.  It is actually something our bodies produce when we expose our skin to...