Fitness Contest Training

Fitness Competition Training

Both local and national fitness competitors have turned to Josette for her expertise. She works with both novices and seasoned competitors, as well as those individuals who feel a sudden calling and want to go from couch to competitor safely and effectively.

Josette uses only natural whole foods in her programs. She will never subscribe to the mentality that steriods, HgH and estrogen blockers are needed to achieve a competition-ready physique. Despite not following the (often dangerous) herd mentality, her success rate speaks for itself.


  • Body Fat Analysis
  • Physique assessment
  • Customized meal plan
  • Federation recommendation
  • Weekly 1-hr meeting (in office, on phone, or via Skype)
  • Submit Weekly mandatory pictures in suit
  • Daily text message/email support
  • Customized cardio & training program
  • Posing and Stiletto Training in studio or via Skype
  • Private Facebook page for members only, which contains articles, education, check-in capabilities and alternative workouts
  • Hair & Makeup consultation
  • Swimsuit & Theme wear consultation
  • Tanning consultation
  • Backstage coaching if allowed by contest rules

Fitness Show Program Enrollment:
A one-time $179 initial enrollment fee is due upon signing up. In addition to that, you will be billed $69/month for the duration of our time together.

*Pay your initial enrollment fee (includes first month). (*You will be directed to PayPal for a one-time fee of $179.)

*Pay your monthly subscription fee (to begin your auto-withdrawal via PayPal). (*You will be directed to PayPal and deductions will come out of your account at the same time each month in the amount of $69. It is the client’s responsibility to initiate this process.)