A Look Back at Some New Laws That Take Effect in 2023

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A well-thought out strategy making use of new law techniques can help clients without negatively impacting areas that might be a firm’s primary focus. It’s an area of practice that’s worth exploring for all those who want to grow and prosper.

A look back at some of the notable laws that took effect in 2023.

Hundreds of bills passed by lawmakers and signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom this year — but not all of them will make an immediate difference to everyday life in California. Some will be minor fixes or tweaks to existing laws, while others might have a more noticeable impact on specific industries. And some will even change the way people work and live for years to come.

Learn how a bill becomes law in the federal government by following the steps of the Congress’s lawmaking process. Each bill is first introduced in one of the two chambers of Congress – the House of Representatives or the Senate — by a senator or representative who sponsors it. Then it goes through a research, discussion and change process before being brought to the floor of the chamber to be voted on.

This bill requires City agencies to disclose data breaches involving personal information about employees and job applicants to DCWP and affected individuals. The bill also amends the City’s privacy laws to make them more consistent with State law.