Business News – The Unsung Heroes of America

business news

One of the most overlooked groups in the business world are small businesses. Most people think that the business news is all about the big corporations, but the truth is that small businesses are the lifeblood of the American economy. Small businesses funnel 68 percent of their sales back into their communities, and they are also the epitome of what America is all about.

A lot of attention goes to the CEOs of large companies, and this is understandable. But it’s time to turn our attention to the small businesses in our communities. Not only are they the backbone of the American economy, but they’re the ones that keep the country moving forward. Despite the fact that these organizations don’t get the press that larger firms do, they are the unsung heroes of the United States.

The Department of Economic Development & Tourism is an excellent source of information about business resources that can help your small business thrive. The department offers business training, business permits, and other assistance. It even has a website where you can find the permits and use permits you need.