Death of the Daily News

daily news

The Daily News, or simply the Daily, is an American newspaper founded in 1919 in New York City. The paper was the first in the United States to be printed in tabloid format and once had one of the largest circulations of any newspaper in the world, though that has since fallen off. The paper is currently owned by tronc, Inc. and is based in Lower Manhattan, with offices in the New York City area, Brooklyn, and Queens. The paper is the ninth most read newspaper in the country.

The paper is known for its sensational news stories and sexy headlines, and it was once engaged in an ongoing circulation battle with the rival tabloid New York Post. Its editors were able to generate huge reader interest by emphasizing lurid crime stories and social intrigue, such as the Wallis Simpson romance with King Edward VIII that led to his abdication. The paper also made use of its large staff of photographers to capture the images that would bring readers in, a tradition that continues today in their online editions.

As digital media has caused massive disruption in traditional journalism, laying off thousands of journalists and closing hundreds of newsrooms, it has left vast areas of the country without access to local news. This phenomenon is being called “news deserts,” and the societal consequences are profound. In Death of the Daily News, Andrew Conte follows a community in southwestern Pennsylvania as it struggles to make sense of its own news after its local newspaper went out of business in 2015.

A deeply reported and persuasive account of the challenges facing local journalism in America, this is a must-read for anyone who cares about democracy and freedom of information.

During the 20th century, the paper was often at the center of major events, including the assassinations of President Kennedy and Pope John Paul II. It was also a pioneer in television, founding WPIX-TV in 1948 and later purchasing what became CBS Radio, which still broadcasts from the building that once housed the News.

The News’s website and a mobile app offer subscribers a wide range of interactive features, including video and audio content. The website includes live coverage of national and international news, sports and entertainment news, as well as an extensive archive of daily and weekly newspapers. Readers can also download the E-dition, a full replica of the printed newspaper that can be read on desktop and mobile devices. They can swipe through pages of the digital edition, and share stories with friends. The Daily News app is free to download and use. However, the unused portion of any free trial period will be forfeited when users purchase a subscription to the digital edition. Users can also sign up to receive a daily email newsletter from the newspaper. The Daily News focuses on New York City news, politics and celebrity gossip. It has a large social media presence, and a strong emphasis on online advertising.