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If you’re looking for a way to lose weight, then you’ve probably come across GetJosette fitness & nutrition. This website was founded by Josette Ross, a health and fitness coach with an emphasis on behavioral change. Her mission is to empower individuals to reach their fitness goals through a combination of behavioral changes and nutrition. You can interact with Josette on social media or schedule in-person consultations. You’ll find plenty of practical advice on how to eat healthy and stay fit.


The GetJosette fitness & nutrition studio in New York City is a great resource for anyone looking to lose weight. This health and fitness studio integrates behavioral changes and fitness to help you reach your goals. The team of professionals at GetJosette is available via phone consultations, social media, and in-person classes. While there are some benefits to getting a personal trainer, it is still recommended to go with a trusted source.

Josette’s Joy Health

“Josette’s Joy Health and Positive Energy” is the world’s most popular fitness class. A former Joffrey Ballet dancer and Juilliard graduate, Josette has been declared a Medical Miracle. This hour-long, nonstop dance fitness class helps participants increase their energy levels, improve balance, and reduce pain. With the guidance of a health coach, Josette empowers clients to be their own advocates, take charge of their own health, and create a new and happier lifestyle.

Positive Energy

If you’ve ever taken a health and fitness class, you’ve likely heard of the Joy Health and Positive Energy programs taught by Josette. These programs were developed after Josette learned how food affects hormones. While many people still don’t understand how to get the right balance of nutrients and calories to feel good, the theory behind Josette’s methods is sound: when we eat healthy, our moods improve.

Healthy food

If you are looking for a fitness studio that provides advice on healthy food and diet plans, you’ve come to the right place. Owner Josette Ross believes that healthy food is the key to losing weight. To help her clients achieve their weight loss goals, she provides nutrition education as well as clean-eating recipes. And she also allows her members to enjoy two dessert days a week. She even offers her clients free ice cream cones.

Help with diet

If you are interested in becoming a healthier person, then you should sign up for a GetJosette fitness & nutrition program. This program is led by Josette Puig, a mother of four who believes that true transformation begins on the inside. This fitness guru is a motivational speaker, radio personality on MyFM 101.3, and author of Frumpy To Fabulous. Josette Puig is a graduate of the University of Miami, and she spent two years in television as a sports producer/reporter for WLTV-Channel 23, a Univision affiliate.