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Josette Ross found the power of nutrition and health during a postpartum depression episode. Through the power of food, Josette discovered how much our mood, hormones, weight, libido, and sleep depend on the things we eat. Her research has helped thousands of people improve their lives through nutrition and lifestyle changes. Read on to learn more about Josette and her programs. This article outlines the basics of Josette’s program, Joy Health and Positive Energy.

Josette’s journey to improve her health with real nutrition

Founder of GetJosette fitness and nutrition, Josette Ross, was struggling with postpartum depression when she decided to take charge of her health and fitness. She learned the importance of nutrition and the effect it has on hormones, mood, weight, libido, sleep, and energy. Since then, Josette has helped hundreds of people improve their health and fitness, including fitness competitors and busy moms. Josette shares her personal journey and how she found real nutrition that worked.

Born in Cuba, Josette’s parents sought political asylum in the US and settled in Philadelphia, PA. Later, her parents moved to Peru, Argentina, and Puerto Rico, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree. Her father later became a sports producer for WLTV-Channel 23, a Univision affiliate. During this time, Josette’s interest in real nutrition expanded.

Her Joy Health and Positive Energy fitness classes are the most popular in the world

If you’re looking for a great workout that’s fun and doesn’t leave you feeling tired or drained after class, consider enrolling in one of Kelly McGonigal’s Joy Health and Positive Energy fitness classes. The instructors are highly motivating and know every member of the room. The joy factor is even stronger when the instructors connect with students after class. That’s why these classes have become the world’s most popular.

Her studio offers two dessert days a week

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