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When Josette Ross was suffering from postpartum depression and low energy in 2003, she decided to take control of her health through nutrition. She learned how food affects hormones, mood, sleep, libido, and a whole host of other health factors. Josette Ross has since helped thousands of people improve their health through her nutrition and lifestyle changes. If you are ready to get started on your health journey today, read on to find out more about the services of GetJosette Fitness & Nutrition.

Josette’s journey to improve her health with real nutrition

In 2003, Dr. Josette Tkacik was diagnosed with advanced rheumatoid arthritis. Her parents sought political asylum in the United States and settled in Philadelphia, PA. She was a student at the University of Miami where she received a Bachelor of Arts in communications. She then spent a decade in Philadelphia, working as a journalist and sports producer for WLTV-Channel 23, a Univision affiliate. Despite her debilitating illness, she found a way to improve her condition with real nutrition.

Get help from GetJosette Fitness & Nutrition

If you want to learn how to change your habits for good, you should check out GetJosette Fitness & Nutrition. This total life transformation program combines fitness, social media interaction, and behavioral changes to help clients achieve their goals. Get help with your nutrition and exercise today! Get in touch with Josette via social media or through her online platform. Her approach emphasizes behavioral changes that will keep you motivated and feeling good about yourself.

Before you begin any fitness program, you should take advantage of a personal training program. Personal training is controlled by a qualified coach. GetJosette Fitness & Nutrition offers personal training programs. During a session, your trainer will examine your body’s current state and discuss your goals with you. Then, they will formulate a training plan based on these goals. You’ll get personalized instruction from a certified personal trainer at a fitness center.

Contact information for GetJosette Fitness & Nutrition

If you’re in the Medway, Massachusetts area, you may be interested in checking out GetJosette Fitness & Nutrition. The fitness facility is located at 6 Main St, Medway, MA 02053. To reach the facility by phone, use the number listed below, or visit their website. To get in touch with a representative, you can also fill out a form to request more information about their services.

If you are interested in training with a professional and are serious about your fitness, personal training is the best choice. A qualified trainer will guide you through the process of altering your body. Getting personal training from a GetJosette Fitness & Nutrition location will likely start with a physical check-up and assessment. Your personal trainer will ask questions about your medical history and lifestyle, as well as examine your fitness goals. After examining your current condition, your trainer will formulate a training program for you based on your specific goals.