GetJosette Fitness & Nutrition Review

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If you are interested in learning about the benefits of GetJosette fitness & nutrition, read on. We will discuss what the company has to offer and how Josette Puig used her training and nutrition experience to transform her own life. Her goal is to help as many people as possible improve their health through real nutrition. Josette’s fitness and nutrition experience has inspired thousands of people to live healthier lives through real nutrition.

GetJosette is a fitness and nutrition company

GetJosette is a new name in the fitness industry. This company offers many services, including nutrition coaching, personal training, stiletto posing, and phone consultations. Owner Josette Puig is a certified nutritionist, motivational speaker, and mother of four. Josette understands that the body is a complex organ, and her knowledge of nutrition is critical to a healthy lifestyle.

Josette Puig is a health and fitness professional

Fitness expert Josette Puig believes that real transformation starts from the inside out. She is the president and founder of Get Josette, LLC, which provides clients with total life solutions, including nutrition, physical fitness, and behavioral changes. She believes that these three aspects work together to create a healthy lifestyle, and that the key to lasting change is education. Josette shares her knowledge and passion about health and wellness through in-person consultations and social media.

Josette Puig’s journey to improve her health with real nutrition

A registered dietitian, mom of four, motivational speaker, and radio personality, Josette Puig believes in the power of real nutrition to improve one’s health and appearance. Her approach to nutrition has helped many women lose weight and transform their bodies. She also believes that a proper diet reduces risk factors for chronic diseases. She credits her newfound knowledge of nutrition to her newfound passion for healthy living.

One of the most effective methods for losing weight and improving health is to set short-term goals and stick to them. Using short-term goals, Puig lost 40 pounds in four years. She made one change a week, such as doing pushups on her toes instead of knees. Several months later, she competed in a fitness competition and won! To motivate herself, she keeps a jar with a dollar in it for each day she exercises. When she reaches her 40th birthday, she spent the money in the jar on a cruise.