GetJosette Fitness & Nutrition Review

getjosette fitness  nutrition

If you’re looking for a new gym to join, consider getting started with GetJosette fitness & nutrition. They offer a variety of services, from personal training to nutrition coaching, stiletto posing, and phone consultations. Read on to learn more about Josette’s goals, and how their clients are getting results. If you’re looking for the perfect gym membership, you’ll find it at GetJosette.

Josette’s journey to improve her health with real nutrition

After suffering from postpartum depression, Josette Ross sought treatment for her condition by incorporating real nutrition into her life. By studying food, Josette learned how it affected her hormones, mood, libido, weight, and sleep. Since then, she has helped thousands of people improve their health with real nutrition and lifestyle changes. Learn how Josette Ross’s transformational program can transform your life!

In addition to her work as an international Zumba instructor, Josette has been recognized as a medical miracle for curing her rheumatoid arthritis without any drugs. She is also a keynote speaker at the Zumba International Convention and has been recognized as a heart-led business expert. She has also become an expert in quantum healing, natural healing, and the Law of Attraction.

Josette’s goals

A licensed psychologist and fitness professional, Josette Puig has made it her mission to teach others about the benefits of eating right and staying fit. She believes that true transformation begins on the inside, not the outside. In addition to being a motivational speaker, Josette is also a radio personality at MyFM 101.3 and author of Frumpy to Fabulous. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Miami, where she worked as a sports producer/reporter for WLTV-Channel 23, a Univision affiliate.