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Josette Ross founded GetJosette, LLC in 2011 to help people achieve total life solutions by integrating fitness, nutrition, and behavioral changes. The company empowers people to achieve their goals, and she communicates this message through social media and in-person consultations. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of getting Fit with Josette. In addition to being a great resource for people who are trying to lose weight, her advice will help you eat healthier and reach your fitness goals.

Get Josette Fit!

Josette’s Joy Health and Positive Energy fitness classes are the most popular in the world, proving the connection between healthy food and happy mood. Founded by the former Joffrey Ballet and Juilliard dancer, Josette developed the method after learning how food affects hormones, mood, weight, and libido. Her program has helped thousands of people make healthier food choices and lifestyle changes. You’ll love working out with Josette!

Fitness studio

If you are looking for a fitness studio in New York City, you have found the right place! Josette Puig, who co-owns GetJosette Fitness & Nutrition studio, believes that healthy food is the key to weight loss. Members receive nutrition education including plans for a healthy diet and clean-eating recipes. The studio even offers two dessert days a week, when members can sneak an ice cream cone!