How Entertaiment Has Influenced Other Media

Entertaiment has come to mean anything that provides amusement, but it has also developed a strong association with pleasure. It can be used on any scale, from a small individual choice of pre-recorded entertainment to a banquet adapted for two; or from personal and public ceremonies, celebrations, religious festivals, and satire to performances intended for thousands or even global audiences.

As entertainment has evolved, it has often influenced and inspired other media. One of the most well-known examples is the story of Scheherazade, which has been retold many times in different professional storytelling traditions; translated into an orchestral work by composers Rimsky-Korsakov, Ravel and Szymanowski; made into a film by director Pasolini; and into an innovative video game.

As you build your career in the entertainment industry, it’s important to keep an eye on what others are doing. Taking inspiration from other entertainment professionals – in both their performance styles and how they run their businesses – can help you develop your own style that sets you apart from the competition.