How to Get the Most Out of Your Daily News

daily news

Daily news is a constant barrage of breaking stories and it can be difficult to stay informed. With so many sources online and a growing number of dubious sites, it’s up to each individual to develop a strategy for keeping themselves in the know.

Some people just want to listen to the news while they go about their day, while others need a comprehensive daily read that includes a variety of topics. Luckily, there are a number of apps that help you get the most out of your news consumption experience.

The New York Times Podcast:

This podcast from the New York Times breaks down complex news into digestible bites for a simple, effective reading experience. It airs five days a week and is hosted by journalists from the paper. It’s also available on a number of devices, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

NPR’s Up First:

This daily news podcast comes from NPR and runs in quick 15-minute segments during the morning. It features a variety of newsmakers, including Rachel Martin, Noel King and Steve Inskeep, who discuss the day’s top stories with guests from the news, media, and politics. It’s also available on a podcast app, and is posted at 6AM Monday through Friday, and 8AM on weekends.

The Wall Street Journal:

America’s largest newspaper, the Journal is a staple in the US news industry and continues to be a popular choice for readers. With more than 2.2 million subscribers, it offers a variety of stories on the economy, business, health, politics and science.

It’s also a great place to catch up on current events from around the world, especially in areas where the news is not as readily accessible. It’s a subscription-based service, but you can subscribe to a daily version for just $11/month or to a weekly version for $15/month.


The site is a resource for news in the science, health and technology fields. It features articles and news summaries from hundreds of sources, covering the latest discoveries and trends in more than 500 different areas.

You’ll find breaking stories about medical sciences and health, physical sciences and technology, biological sciences and the environment, social sciences and education, as well as news from leading universities, scientific journals, research organizations and other media. The website also provides links to news sources, scientific citations and email newsletters.


This aggregator makes news gathering about topic rather than headlines, so it’s a great fit for someone who likes to keep an eye on things but doesn’t necessarily want to spend their entire day consuming news. It also tracks the types of stories you click on to give you more relevant information.


This is another aggregator that tracks the types of articles you click on to serve you more content on topics you care about. It’s also a great place to see what’s happening with your favorite sports teams and celebrities.

It’s a subscription-based service, though you can pay just a one-time fee for its “Showcase” feature which allows you to save up to 50 digital issues of a magazine. You can even download issues to read offline, making it a great option for the news junkie who wants more than just the top stories.