Law New – What’s New in 2010?

Law New

A new year brings a host of new laws that impact how we live, work and play. Some of the most significant laws going into effect include:

AB 12: Streamlines the time limits on when childhood sexual abuse victims can seek civil damages.

SB 43: Expands who can be placed on an involuntary mental health hold, to include people who are unable to provide for their own food, clothing or shelter.

AB 1418: Allows non-profit religious and non-profit colleges to build affordable housing on their land.

Before a bill can be sent to the full House, committee staff must write a detailed report that sets forth the purpose and scope of the legislation, explaining why it is being recommended for approval. This report is known as a “committee report” and it is one of the most valuable parts of the legislative history of a law. Committee reports are used by the courts, executive departments and the public as a source of information about the intent of laws. Click on any of the bills below to view their committee report.