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Whether you are a new user or an experienced practitioner, there is always something new to explore on Bloomberg Law. In addition to new content, we are also making it easier to find content through an all-new reference library and a new In Focus page. The In Focus page is a curated collection of news articles, links, and other content, providing easy access to the latest law, practical guidance, and workflow tools. In addition, our newly designed newsletters are easier to read and scan. The new newsletters replace our Highlights email, and we have redesigned our newsletters to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

Bloomberg Law’s new In Focus page includes a variety of resources to help practitioners navigate employment issues, from sample policies to overviews of federal and state laws. It also includes links to reference materials and a curated search for court opinions. This page also contains links to the new Practical Guidance library and the new BLAW Analysis. Featured topics include: addressing workplace bias and discrimination, contracts drafting, legal technology, and remote work.

Bloomberg Law has also updated its In Focus: Legal Technology page to include Practical Guidance resources related to e-discovery. This includes guidance on writing, research, and bankruptcy litigation, as well as the Bankruptcy Fundamentals Toolkit, which helps lawyers and bankruptcy practitioners understand the basics of bankruptcy law. The Toolkit also contains information on bankruptcy case parties and writing requirements, as well as bankruptcy court dockets and form contracts.

The Practical Guidance library has also been updated, with a new topic page on Tort Defenses. This new page offers guidance on the standards of liability and relief, as well as links to a Chart Builder display that helps you understand the various types of relief available. In addition, the Practical Guidance: Sustainable Finance topic page provides guidance on incorporating environmental and sustainable finance into litigation practice. This page also provides links to guidance on assurance mechanisms, applicable frameworks, and other guidance on sustainable debt.

In addition, Bloomberg Law has added new content to its International Trade Practice Center. This includes a trade block profile for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) trade agreement, which includes China, Japan, and South Korea. The new trade block profile provides a starting point for lawyers to research the latest trade developments in these regions. It also features links to related materials and content in the In Focus: Trade & Customs and In Focus: Foreign Trade Practice Centers. In addition, the Guide to Employee Rights and Restrictions contains detailed information on employee rights, restrictions, and compliance requirements.

Bloomberg Law has also added four new training videos. These videos cover the basics of Bloomberg Law and offer a comprehensive overview of key features. Several minutes long, they include coverage of the Draft Analyzer, the Bloomberg Law Analysis, and the Brief Analyzer. The videos also cover Chart Builders and Litigation Analytics. These videos will help lawyers to learn about the tools and resources available to them.