What’s New in the Law?

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The new law is an official rule or regulation that governs behavior within a society. It is created by a legislature, such as Congress, and often passed after a lengthy process of debate, revision and voting. It is an important tool for governing, and it can have significant impact on people’s lives.

The law is the basis for many of our most basic freedoms, such as the right to privacy and property ownership. It also sets out the legal system and rules for disputes and crimes. When it comes to the law, it is very important to be well informed. The following articles have been curated by Eyewitness News to help you stay current on what’s new in the law.

A look at some of the major changes to laws that went into effect as 2024 began.

New York City residents can now enjoy higher wages in 2024 thanks to new legislation. Starting January 1, the minimum wage in NYC, Westchester and Long Island rose to $16 an hour. The minimum wage in the rest of New York State will remain at $15 an hour.

A new law could make it easier for victims of crime to apply for victim compensation funds. The law, dubbed “Matthew’s Law,” is named after Matthew Horan, who died of an accidental fentanyl overdose in 2020. It removes the requirement that victims and survivors must provide proof of their crime to qualify for victim compensation.

It also requires that the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection, in consultation with other agencies, prepare a notice to be distributed to City agency employees and job applicants about federal and state student loan forgiveness programs. The law also establishes penalties for those who willfully conceal or destroy records that are required to be available for inspection under this article.

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