Yale Daily News

The Daily News is the oldest college newspaper in the United States, published Monday through Friday when Yale is in session. The News is editorially and financially independent. Its staff includes students, alumni and faculty members who have gone on to prominent careers in journalism and public service. The News’s mission is to serve the community of Yale and New Haven by providing news, opinion and entertainment for its readers.

The Daily News has had the highest circulation of any newspaper in America at times, and it is known for its bold editorial content and strong opinions. Its reporters are experts in New York City and world affairs, and they cover politics, sports, celebrity gossip, the arts, and more. The newspaper has a large audience of New Yorkers and people from all over the world who are interested in local news and politics. The Daily News is also the home of a number of famous columnists, including Joe Klein and Mark Leibovich.

Since its founding in 1921, the New York Daily News has been a major force in American journalism. It was the first U.S. daily printed in tabloid format, and at its peak reached a circulation of 2.4 million copies a day. The newspaper has been influential in shaping the national debate on a variety of issues, and it has a strong reputation for investigative journalism.

In the 1980s, however, the Daily News began to suffer from declining readership and financial problems. In an attempt to cut costs, the Tribune Company implemented a series of changes that would ultimately result in the firing of many employees and the hiring of non-union replacements. By the end of 1990, labor costs were eating up 44 percent of the paper’s profits.

After the newspaper’s parent company was sold to billionaire Mort Zuckerman in 1993, the Daily News underwent a radical change in style and focus. It returned to its roots as a serious tabloid and invested $60 million in color presses, enabling the paper to compete visually with USA Today and other major competitors. The changes were not enough to rescue the newspaper from its losses, and circulation continued to decline throughout the 1990s.

In recent years, the Daily News has focused on digital platforms to reach a younger audience. Its website features breaking news, feature stories, video content, and opinion pieces. The site also has an interactive map to show where the most important news is happening in the city. The site’s mobile app allows users to share articles with friends and followers, and it has a search function that makes finding specific stories easier. The Daily News’s app also features the ability to download the newspaper for offline reading. Its mobile version is available for Apple and Android devices. The app offers a free trial period before the user is charged. If the user cancels their subscription before the free trial ends, they will not be charged. The Daily News does not provide refunds for unused portions of a free trial period.