Last week I was on the treadmill with my Ipod and a lady climbed on the machine next to me. She plugged her earphones into the video monitor and started watching a popular morning show and within minutes she was walking at my exact same pace and incline.

I noticed our calorie counters were clicking away in sync but as I watched her I asked myself, “If calories are a measure of energy, are we truly exerting the same energy??” I started taking notes and comparing the differences in our form and technique.

I was 100% focused on my breathing, squeezing my abs and glutes, shoulders back, swinging my arms back and forth like a power walker, walking briskly heel to toe, heel to toe, heel to toe. Meanwhile, she was leaning back, holding on to the rails, plopping her wobbly feet on the belt, giggling at the screen and completely mesmerized by the talk show host.
There was no way in hell she was expending as much energy as I was! Even if these machines ask for your height and weight, they are not considering heart rate and intensity.

Let’s face it, intensity plays a huge role on calorie exertion.
Intensity is mental and physical strength. I visualize being a warrior when I workout. Doesn’t matter if I’m out on a walk, lifting in the weight room or teaching a class. A warrior is the embodiment of intensity, power, energy, focus, determination and passion.
You must train your brain like you train your body and in order to see results you must demonstrate purposefulness, power and focus.
So next time you exercise ask yourself, “Who am I?” Or better yet, tell yourself who and what you are…let it run through your veins and use it to strengthen your body, mind and spirit.