The Proposal

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Last night my boyfriend, I mean fiance, Chris Macrina, proposed to me. I am the happiest girl on the planet!!! You see, this is the first time I’ve ever received a proposal. You might say, “WHAT!?!?! But weren’t you married before?!!?” Yes I was married once before, but there was no proposal and no ring, we kind of agreed to get married over the phone when we were living in different states. (I did receive one 9 years later)

I convinced myself for years that I didn’t need a ring, that it didn’t matter, but the truth is, it did. In fact, I believe it set a precedent in my marriage, it made me feel less important, that I was not worthy of spending money on a ring, size didn’t matter. But what hurt more is that I didn’t feel important enough to spend the energy on a proposal, the ring could’ve come out of a gumball machine for all I cared.

It was never about the ring, it was about being face to face, eyes to eyes, hand in hand, heart to heart and hearing my love say, “I love you. Will you marry me? Will you be my lifelong partner?” To see in his eyes and hear in his heart that he can’t imagine life without me….priceless!
That’s all I ever wanted…and last night, that’s what I got.

I’m sad for that insecure girl I once was but I feel triumphant to have had the courage to swim through wind and current to get where I am today.

His amazing and generous love make me feel loved, cherished and adored. He is not just my rock, he is my boulder.

Note…The ring did not come from a gumball machine. It is exquisite, spectacular and unique.
He did REAL good!!!!! ;)

Response to The Proposal

  1. Audrey

    Congratulations Josette!
    I am soooo happy for you becasue you deserve all the blessings that are coming your way. Good things come to those who are faithful, endure and believe – you have done and continue to do all those things while helping others to do the same – what a wonderful role model! I saw the pics of the ring and it IS exquisite. Just beautiful! I wish you, Chris and your family all the best of love & life!
    Love to you,

  2. Elena Acosta

    My dearest Josette, I am so happy for you but, damn you made me cry. I remember those days way back when, you deserved so much more………
    Gustavo used to say, everybody has the right to be happy, and making the other person happy, should be the goal of your lives.
    Although I remember all the time, today when I read your post the remembrance was so vivid of the day when he proposed to me in Salamanca on 10/7/09 looking at my eyes, holding my hands and when he popped the question, I was so surprised.! I knew it was going to be forever and there was any doubt in my mind that I want to be this mans wife, and like you say he also made feel loved all the time, even now I feel that love from him in Heaven.
    Love and Congratulations again
    Tia Elena

  3. Martha Sanchez

    Wow Mama, what an amazing story!!!
    I would of never imagine that, but there you go girl, you now have an amazing human being next to you and I’m sure that now you’ll be happier than ever before!!!! I’m so excited for you and happy too!!!
    El no sabe bien la Jolla que a encontrado en ti, la verdad es que tu tienes un corazon de oro molido y que tu vales mas que un diamante pulido y sin flaws!!!
    Te deseo toda la felicidad del mundo entero y se que la vas a tener
    por toda tu vida.
    Al fin encontrastes tu alma gemela!!
    I love you mamita!!
    Besitos, tu Tia

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