Frumpy to Fabulous Book

Frumpy To Fabulous: One Change a Week To a Healthier You

Buy the Frumpy to Fabulous bookUnderstanding that change can be difficult and that adopting a healthier lifestyle can seem like a daunting task, Josette created this easy to follow manifesto for optimal living. Her no-nonsense delivery combined with easy-to-follow recommendations make this book a winner!

Josette’s motto is that she would never recommend anything to you that she would not do herself or implement in her own family. This book is a story of her personal journey to wellness; one where she effortlessly shares what she learned. It is a wonderful beginner’s guide and would make a great gift for the person who is looking for additional accountability as they embark on their own journey.

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Reviews and Testimonials:

“Thanks Josette Puig! Your book is great. I went shopping today with your clean eating grocery list in hand! Knowing the right things to eat is huge. When I’ve been on others’ diets (none successful) my cart looked nothing like it did today. I am going to pay it forward and order 6 books for some friends.” ~Amanda M.

“Hi Josette, I love love the book! I love that it goes step by step and gives healthy food choices, but it’s also quick to read and to refer back to! Bravo to you for doing an outstanding job writing this!” ~Christine D.

“Got your book last night in the mail and read it cover to cover, it’s great!!!! You are an inspiration!!” ~Michelle R.

“Awesome book! Words to live by for sure!” ~Katie