Handcuffed to Josette

In-Studio or Online Nutrition/Coaching/Lifestyle Coaching

you can't out-train a bad dietJosette understands how difficult it can be to make lifestyle changes, this is why she developed this program with a little extra “hand-cuffing.” In order to help you achieve your desired results, the foundation of this hands-on program consists of accountability, integrated access, and personalized program information.

Program includes:

  • Initial 90-minute assessment
  • Three 60-minute follow-up consultations; occurring either weekly or bi-weekly
  • Nutrition and training protocol developed using a menu of whole foods designed for your personal goal of weight loss, building muscle, or a healthy aging transformation.
  • A private Facebook page for members only, which contains articles, education, check-in capabilities, and alternative workouts.
  • Online check-ins and assessments via pictures and responses for weekly accountability. Your customized plan becomes developed through check-ins, and this is where your customized protocol takes place.
  • Flexible Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle Option
  • Email, Phone, Text Message support

*You will need to record all of your caloric intake and exercise for one week prior to meeting. Josette requires you bring a minimum 7-day food journal to initial assessment.

*Juice Plus products may also be recommended as part of their whole health program.

Contact Josette for additional information.

Sign up for your customized Handcuffed to Josette program today! The cost is $279 (*when clicking on the link, you will be directed to PayPal).